Instrument Repair

Your instrument is your friend. It is there for you to help you get your music out into the world. If your instrument is not sounding right; if it seems that it is always a little out of tune; if it seems that it is not fun to play anymore – maybe it just needs a little loving-kindness and attention, and that includes some diagnostic work and a tune-up. According to Paul Reed Smith, there are a hundred different things that make a great guitar. I think this is true. Maybe there are a few of these things, seemingly minor, that are making your instrument less fun and less playable. It just needs a little help to restore the joy of playing. Your instrument deserves to be in the hands of an expert. It is your friend. It is there for you. You should be there for it. Don’t sell it short.

Guitar Building, Guitar Repair and Stringed Instrument Repair Services:

Instrumental design, building and repair
Master woodworking, restoration and repair
Prototyping, building and assembly, custom finishes
Instrument set-up
Bridge replacement
Fret replacement
Electronic repair and replacement
General structural repair
Pickup change out
All stringed instruments restored

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